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Editing, Writing, & More

You’re smart; you know that. That’s how you’ve gotten as far as you have in your academic and/or professional career. But sometimes you need a little help.

Editing and writing not your thing? You’re in the right place. Here at The Wolf & the Crow, we offer a range of editorial services, from dissertation editing to copywriting and copy editing—to everything in between. Click around, enjoy your stay, and contact us if you’d like more information.

Dr. Laura Hamlett Schlater


Laura waited all of one month after defending her dissertation before becoming a professional dissertation editor. She saw what editing companies charged and, having just recently been a college student herself (and with the student loan debt to prove it), wanted to provide top-quality, much-needed dissertation editing services to fellow academic travelers at an affordable price.


Laura Schlater is pretty sure she was born with a pen in her hand. Of course, these days that pen has been replaced by a keyboard, but it’s all the same: She loves to write. Need copy for a website? A blog post? A product brochure? A proposal? You’ve come to the right place.


Laura Schlater (then Laura Hamlett) began her educational journey as an undergraduate, double majoring in Professional Writing and Psychology (because: why not two?).


Next up were two Master’s degrees: an MFA in Creative Writing, followed by an MA in Media Communications. And then, because she found herself with some free time and she’d always been interested in the subject. she went on to earn a PhD in Forensic Psychology. 


Oh, and there’s this guy named Richard Schlater, who motivates and inspires her every day. They live in the Denver suburbs with a family of four cats, a dog, and two ferrets. 

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