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Professional, Academic, & Creative Writing

Laura Schlater loves to write. Loves it. That’s why she’s earned multiple degrees in writing, written just about every type of copy there is—websites, blogs, press releases, training materials, whitepapers, proposals, magazine articles, business plans, fiction, poetry (but don’t judge her for that; she was once a high school girl, after all)—and worked as a full-time, freelance, and/or contract writer most of her adult life. She’s also strangely fond of research; just give her a subject and watch her go.

Pick your poison! We’ve got just what you want. Internal company newsletter? Process flowchart? Blog article? Press release? Training deck? Sales piece disguised as a newspaper article

Don’t see the type of writing you need? Just ask; Laura has probably done it...and if not, she’s ready to learn.

Magnum Opus (so far)

Outside of a couple (unpublished) novels, the longest thing Laura Hamlett Schlater ever wrote was a 145-page dissertation. Of course, she didn’t get paid for it; rather, she went into debt. But as hard as it was, she’s never been prouder of anything she’s done (yet; nonfiction book forthcoming). Feel free to check it out if you’ve got some time on your hands—and if you don’t mind reading about mass murder...

Common Psycholinguistic Themes in Mass Murderer Manifestos

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